Demos 2013

by Slim Davy Sweeney

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Some demo versions, recorded to see if my music will sell to the wider public.


released August 15, 2013

Slim Davy Sweeney - voice and acoustic guitar



all rights reserved


Slim Davy Sweeney Glasgow, UK

Slim Davy has previously released various musical works under various pseudonyms over the years, but this is the first time he has decided to drop the masks and stop hiding. Just Slim, a guitar and a microphone to record it all. Hope you enjoy listening as much as Slim enjoyed writing these songs. ... more

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Track Name: Darkest Of Nights
Verse 1
You smiled at me when we first met, you smile at me all the time
I want to write you a thousand love songs, a million worshipping lines
It might sound corny or sentimental, but we're mental and crazy in love
Our madness keeps us from cracking up, our love is more than enough

Chorus 1
To help us through the darkest days that life has to deal
When nothing ever seems to work and crap is how you feel
I'll be your solid rock of hope, your bright and shining light
To guide you safe into my arms on the darkest of nights

Verse 2
When you kiss me the world stops turning, when you kiss me time stands still
When you kiss me nothing else matters, I love you and I always will
So kiss me once for hope my darling, kiss me twice for fun
Kiss me three times for luck baby, you're my moon, my stars, my sun

Chorus 2
That helps me through the darkest days that life has to deal
When nothing ever seems to work and crap is how I feel
You'll be my solid rock of hope, my bright and shining light
To guide me safe into your arms on the darkest of nights
Please guide me safe into your arms on the darkest of nights...
Track Name: This Song
Verse 1
Do you feel more alive when you're half asleep, waiting for dreams to kick in?
Do the nightmares start when your alarm goes off and another day begins?
You sigh when you hear a lullaby, Cry when you hear a hymn
I laugh inappropriately at the sad parts in films

And we both like You've Been Framed and PopTarts
And our love makes no sense to anyone but us
And they'll probably never write a book about our lives
But we'll always have This Song....

Verse 2:
Do you promise to keep my heart safe? You take it whenever you're gone
You take my love away with you and leave me with love of your own
I cry more than I used to cry, turned into a more sensitive man
You've made me a pretty good me, I've become the best me that I can

(Repeat Chorus)

You sigh when you hear a lullaby, Cry when you hear a hymn
I laugh inappropriately at the sad parts in films

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: You Mean The World To Me
Verse 1
I don't know what I'd do without you
I don't know who I'd be
I can't remember life without you in it
You mean the world to me

The world began the day I added you as a friend
A love without duration, with no beginning, with no end
I can't write a love song the way it's meant to be
I just promise to always love you as much as you love (me)

Verse 2:
We said so much in just one week
Never wanted to stop talking, never wanted to sleep
I fell in love with words on a screen
And I know you know exactly what I mean

Rainbows, Twilight, kittens and shoes
Beyonce, Pink, Rihanna, Robbie Williams and Muse
The way I feel your bum when you're falling asleep
My kisses on your back, pomegranate, crispy chips and

(verse 1)
You mean the world to me (x2)
Track Name: I Love You
You snuggle up to me at night
Stroke my leg and hold me tight
Whisper something in my ear
Those three words I want to hear

I love you.....

You watch the telly, paint your nails
Find the bargains in the sales
You go to work and I'm sure you see
You're the only one for me

I love you....

You make me laugh all the time
Make me so proud you are mine
Words can't say how I feel
But you know the feeling's real

I love you....

This song is simple, so am I
You're so easy on the eye
So let's make one thing crystal clear
These words forever you will hear

I love you.....
Track Name: Alcohol
Whisky in the morning, takes the hangover away
When it's light, I don't mind, it's a whole new day....

Beer in the evening, it's a bitter social chore
When I'm drunk, I don't mind anymore.....

Vodka in the afternoon, just to keep the blues at bay
When I'm drunk, I won't fight, there's nothing to say......

Wine, wine, just about any time, the doctor says that it's okay
When I'm drunk, I don't feel myself, just alcohol....
Track Name: Someone To Cuddle (At The End Of The Day)
He can see it through his misty eyes
And the fog created by the beers
With her long blonde hair, tight arse and big tits
She's the best shag he's had in years

Verse 1
Jimmy's been in a band for too long
And nine years ago became a star
He got rich real quick, became a bit of a dick
He bought a mansion and a big flash car
But life of fame left him restless
Tried religion, got no help from above
When he thought he'd seen everything there is to see
That's when Jimmy found love


Verse 2
Jimmy's written songs about everything
He's had his hits played on the radio
Filled out the Barrowlands, and the Astoria
And always put on one hell of a show
But sell out gigs aren't everything
Or thousands of people shouting your name
And for someone to cuddle at the end of the day
He'd trade in all of his fame


He can hear the wedding bells ringing
It feels good just to say her name
For someone to cuddle at the end of the day
He's traded in all of his fame
Track Name: 21st Century Love
Verse 1
He can only make love to her when he's drunk
She only fancies him when she's on E
He hits her hard when he's not hitting the bottle
She numbs the pain with her friend cocaine

Chorus 1
The chemicals they take help to recreate
Passions that are intense until they start to come down
Then their tension explodes, and their world corrodes
A cocktail of drugs to try to find love

Verse 2
He gets out of bed before she wakes up
She leaves a piece of her mind behind every time
He drinks all day, an escape from reality
She snorts and smokes until she cannot move

Chorus 2
The chemicals they employ help to destroy
The reality they had once perceived
They spend all day trying to forget
And all night screwing on an old damp floor

21st Century Love
Fake and Intense
21st Century Love
Chemically enhanced
21st Century Love
Falsely orgasmic
21st Century Love
Spaced out and bleary eyed....
21st Century Love.......

Give us another ecstasy please
For the chemical generation
All the drugs that we can find
To endure sexual frustration
Give us another line of charlie
For the chemical generation
If we can't find someone to love
We'll kill time with masturbation

21st Century Love.....
Track Name: Oot Withoot Ma Jaikit
It's pissin doon ootside, enough rain tae flood the whole ay Castlemilk Drive
The weather guys full a pish, and I just wish for wanse he'd get it right
I went oot withoot ma jaikit tonight.....

Ma heid is poundin, and there's no enough time tae get another round in
I could go another three or four
I'm no quite pished enough to go oot that door...
Fuck sake man.... it's really startin tae pour...

There's the last order bell, the barmaids and the landlord can aw just go tae hell
They'll hiv tae team up tae fling me ootside
"Come ahead ya bunch a cunts, dae ye think yer wide?"
They phoned the fuckin polis....
Think I'd better run away an hide....

I'm soaked tae the skin oot here, and ah could go another beer
This is becomin wan big pain
Hidin fae the scum, drookit in the rain
I won't go oot withoot ma jaikit again....
Track Name: A Ned's Lament
There wanse wis a jakey, he wore a mingin auld coat
He stank a blue nun an white lightning
Ah didnae know his name, he looked like a bawbag
He wis the basturt we hid a pyoor laugh frightnin
Ma pal Wullie hid a dug called Tizer, who would shag yer leg aw the time
We set Tizer on the old jakey fuck, that wis the start ay ma life of crime

Some nosey auld cow peaked oot ay her windae
It must've been her that phoned the scum
Wullie put her windae in wi a corpie brick
It wis aboot this time that Tizer did cum
The auld jakey swore and hooked Tizer oan the gub
Then the dug sank his teeth in his bawsack
We heard the sirens, and baith ran like fuck
Poor Wullie never goat his dug back

We hid tae jump ower fences tae escape from the polis
They shouted 'Stoap! Ya couple a pricks!!!'
We ran up Wullie's close and loaked the back door
And fae the landin windae showed aff oor dicks
The scum were ragin cos they couldnae get in
But we didnae know they hid a clever plan
While we were giein them moonies, they sneaked in through the front
Then they piled us in a paddy wagon van

Noo I'm in the jail, daein the long stretch
And I realise aw the stupit things I've done
Me and daft Wullie baith goat intae the smack
Ended up robbin Kwik Save wi oor guns
The safe wis oan a time loak, and the till wis maistly coapers
We shoulda picked a shoap that isnae fur jakes
And the worst thing aboot it was when the lassie oan the till
Just laughed and telt us that wir guns wir fakes.....

Translation for non Glaswegians

There once was a tramp
Who wore a stinking coat
He smelled like Blue Nun and White Lightning (cheap alcoholic beverages)
I didn't know his name, he looked like a scrotum
He was the bastard we enjoyed to scare
My friend, William, had a dog named Tizer (red fizzy drink, and also a common name for Glasgow dogs)
Who always humped your leg amorously
We encouraged Tizer to attack the tramp
That was the start of our life of crime

A nosey woman looked out of her window
I think it was her that phoned the police
William smashed her window with a corporation brick
And at the same time Tizer ejaculated
The tramp cursed and punched the dog on the mouth
And then the dog bit the tramp's scrotum
We heard the sirens and ran away very fast
Williams dog was never returned to him

We had to jump over fences to escape from the police
They shouted 'Stop you young ruffians!'
We ran up William's stairway, locking the back door entrance
And displayed our penises from the landing window
The police were mad because they couldn't get in
We didn't know they had a clever plan
While we were displaying our nether regions they came in from the front entrance
And took us down to the waiting police van.

Now I'm in jail for a very long time
And I realise how stupid I've been
Myself and William both started taking heroin
And tried to rob Kwik Save (now defunct grocery store) with our guns
The safe was on a time lock and the till was mostly small change
We should've picked a much more upmarket retail outlet
And they worst thing was when the lady at the till
Just laughed and said we were using fake guns.
Track Name: The Songwriter
He wrote his song for someone he once knew
The random girl who made his heart feel blue
The kisses and cuddles he'd never gave
Yet to her heart he's still a slave
He wrote his song for someone he once knew

He used the chords he'd used a million times
Structured verses in familiar lines
"I love you, though you're a mystery"
"You'll never know how much you mean to me"
He used the chords he'd used a billion times

He poured his heart into each and every word
He cried until the ink was blurred
He wrote his feeling in his A4 pad
Of his hearts desire driving him mad
He poured his heart into each and every word

The songwriter writes, but he never gets paid
He can count on his hands the money he's made
With his battered guitar and rusty old amp
His red letter bills and rising damp
He sings to himself in his unlit room
About sinners sinning and apocalyptic doom
With his bottles of lager littering the floor
The songwriter wonders who he's writing for....

He wrote his song for someone he once knew
The random girl who made his heart feel blue
The kisses and cuddles she'd never gave
Yet to her heart he's still a slave...
Track Name: Life To Me
Wishing upon a falling star, sinking in the lifeboat, crashing in the car
If you won the lottery what would you buy for me?
Forgotten dreams stored in an ASDA bag, a can of beer and a Mayfair fag
The biggest mansion or just a cup of tea?

There has to be something more than you can see
Boozing all day to escape reality
That doesn't sound like a life to me

Hooked on pills that ease the pain, calm you down and destroy your brain
If I won the lottery what would I buy for you?
A Life Less Ordinary, Golden Eye, Ewan and Pearce will get you by
A year in rehab, but would it be any use?

There has to be something more than you can see
Popping those pills to escape your domestic scene
That doesn't sound like a life to me
That doesn't sound like a life to me

There has to be something more than you can see
Everything's fucked when the real world is a dream
That doesn't sound like a life to me
That doesn't sound much like a life to me....